Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s philosophy of nonviolence made an impact on my life while I was in middle school. I attended a school where I was bullied because I was interested in school and loved doing my school work. This of course lead to some of the students trying to physically intimidate me, i.e. forming groups to curse me out or chase me in the locker room when changing for gym. I would not retaliate because I remembered how Dr. King dealt with people who physically opposed his movement. He taught his followers how to resist being physical, and how to keep themselves out of conflict as well as trouble. Both our nonviolent strategies were successful because I was chosen as one of the best students of the year. Dr. King was instrumental in uniting African Americans, Caucasians, as well as other nationalities in schools and many other areas of our society through nonviolence.

Nah’eelah plans include becoming an inspirational and motivational speaker. She is currently majoring in Communications, with minors in English and Psychology. She is currently attending Walsh University.