Dr. Martin Luther King’s philosophy of nonviolence had a huge impact on my life. His demonstration of love towards those that showed him hatred caused me to not defend myself or partake in any violence. I thought about what Dr. King stood for and gave his life for, and it inspired me to protest in peaceful ways in order to cause change. I participated in numerous marches during the summer and never once did I have a desire to do anything violent, i.e. looting or destroying property in order to get my point across. I now understand that peace and nonviolence are more effective than committing malicious acts. I was raised on the east side of Akron, being nonviolent and not defending myself was not my first response. Growing up, I had to stand up for myself and fight back. Dr. King’s example allowed me to see things through different lens. Dr. King showed me that love is more powerful and he gave his life for what he believed in. Even though he died, his death was not in vain, because I will continue his fight but in a nonviolent way.

Myles is currently attending Walsh University and is majoring in Finance.