Mayor Stephan Wilder of North Canton said ” The life and legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr. lives on in all who strive to promote racial harmony and bring about progressive, systemic change. I often think of his deeply-held principles and dedication in seeking to make positive, lasting change in our communities, in our world, and in ourselves.

His leadership is an example of inspiration and commitment in staying true to those principles. He advocated the importance of one’s character. His leadership reminds me of what I learned as a young Boy Scout: that leadership involves character. Character impacts how you make decisions, especially when the right path to follow is not clear. Common sense, ethics, wisdom, and good judgment help you to make good choices and allow you to do your best with what you know. Self-leadership will help you to develop a vision for the future of what is right and to define the steps for making your vision a reality.

Leadership is an opportunity to give – to serve an organization, and most importantly, to serve people.”